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2.    Compensation in cash to the farmers

for   the   grain   plundered   during
Kamaraja's rebellion                  ...   ga.  24

3.    Subsistence allowance etc, for the duns

who came (to demand money)     ...     „     21

4.    Wages (paid for the repair of) the fort,    „     12

Total   ...     „  IT

(Besides these, the village also suffered a loss of) ga. 128.
rfi. 4f being the price of kh. 12, tu. 13| of paddy at the rate of
ga. 10 per kh. which Ramaraja forcibly seized when he was
encamped at Mosalimadugu. The total amount of expenditure
on account of the financial difficulty of the village is go*. 225
ru. 4f. When he was asked to pay his quota, Peddi Bha|lu
Mallu Bhatlu refused to do so.

On hearing this statement of the karagam of
the sthanapatis and the members of the salha decided the
dispute according to the inunctions of Vijnaw$wra* They
summoned Peddi Bhatlu Mallu Bhatlu to their presence* and
said: When the village is burdened with expense should not
the sabha meet it? "Sou are in the enjoyment of a fourth
of the village; you h$ve to pay your proportionate share of
the (upak$aya$). Peddi Bhatlu Mallu Bha,tLu replied that the
principal and the interest would be too much for him to pay.
The sablia and the sthamjmtis made an enquiry and came
to the conclusion that he was not at all in a position to pay*
Thereupon, they effected a compromise and peiro&defl
sabha (of Karivena) to take 3J prttfe (out of 15J wttte
by him) in. lieu of ttxe money due from hiia. Tkff
the karaaam, Parvateraja before them and in the preseaei*
the sdbfta had the transaction entered into U» Tilisgo af^gi»t
(ftopOe).^ They told (Peddi Bhatia M»Hu Bh*tlm): fc*e
and the produce counterbalance each other; you need not j
the updksayas "in future. Whatever expenii^r
may have to incur owing fe> p^Jitieal <diAug«0 k luttte